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Griffinwood follows a traditional school calendar, from September through June, with a separate Summer Program beginning on June 26th.

Different than many private schools, due to the fact we offer a proficiency-based curriculum, we do accept new student applications mid-year.

To request an application for your child or to speak to an Admissions Counselor, schedule a tour of our campus, or call (714) 289-8400.


Griffinwood is unique, particularly in how we approach each child’s education individually, not subscribing to one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter systems.

Our Admissions Process is designed to reflect this philosophy.

First, we conduct an initial educational assessment to identify where your child stands in their schooling, based on their knowledge and ability to apply the materials they should know for their age and grade level.

We also offer a free 3-day trial period for your child to attend and experience our school. Within these few days, you and your child gain a sense of what we provide, while our teachers get the chance to work directly with your son or daughter in class.

Finally, we create a Tailor Made Academic Program for your child, which we go over with you as the parent(s) and answer any questions.

That’s it. There’s some paperwork and then it’s time to get down to learning.

Contact us  to discuss your child’s education and let’s see how Griffinwood Academy can help.

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