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Computer Science

Learning the Next Universal Language

Practically everyone knows how to use computers as a consumer, whether making on-line purchases or consuming information.

But, how many people know how to use computers to produce a product? Design a service? Create a digital property? Not nearly as many.

Because, when most adults were growing up, Computer Science and the language of computers, Programming and Coding, weren’t widely taught in school.

Now, children in the 3rd or 4th grade were born the same year as the release of the iPhone, when computerized devices were making their way into every American home, Mom’s purse and Dad’s pants pocket.

Today, there’s hardly a 3-year old who doesn’t know how to work a tablet, snap pictures with a smartphone and even toddlers can interact with one of the many thousands of apps designed for babies.

Though, surprisingly, despite the increasing relevance and proliferation of technology in society, notwithstanding computers being an integral part of most every industry and profession today, Computer Science is still not taught in the majority of primary and secondary schools.

At Griffinwood, we not only believe Computer Science should be part of every child’s early education, we insist upon it.


Coding is arguably the most the universal language in use today. If it isn’t yet, trends indicate it soon will be.

We begin teaching children the language of Code as early as Kindergarten.

Interestingly, the first fundamentals of Coding largely correspond with a basic Math curriculum, dealing in shapes, sequences and problem-solving.

By 6 years old, children can start learning the theory of binary forms through fun off-line activities like making bracelets, or constructing paper airplanes to understand how algorithms work, along with various other clever and insightful lessons.

Through this step-by-step curriculum, by Middle School, students can advance to programing and building their own digital properties.

Whether your child has aspirations to head a start-up one day, become the next Zuckerburg or simply be someone who’s versed and competent in our technological world, this education in Computer Science will help prepare them for whatever future they decide to program.

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