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Early Entrance Kindergarten

We enroll children in Early Entrance Kindergarten at 4 years old. In certain individual cases, when a child is particularly advanced and ready to start formal schooling earlier, we have accepted children before the age of 4.

The cornerstone of Griffinwood’s Early Entrance Kindergarten is the Early Reading Program. Though, this program could just as well be called Early Reading, Writing and Language Recognition, because our curriculum incorporates all three of these elements simultaneously

In other words, we don’t just teach children to how read, say or recognize a word. At the same time, we’re teaching them to write the very words they’re learning to read.

Similarly, our Writing program encompasses all the basics, beginning with exercises to advance your child’s fine motor skills, bringing them up to competently handling a pencil or pen. Next, they’ll move through our course in Tracing, at which point they’re onto writing letters and finally, words.

In Math, our Pre-Kindergarteners learn shapes, measurements, and of course their numbers and counting, if they aren’t already familiar. Incidentally, this foundation in mathematics also serves as the base of knowledge required for later education in Computer Science which, believe it or not, can start being taught as early as Kindergarten.

Science is a favorite amongst our younger students for the number of hands-on activities, including growing butterflies, planting and caring for cauliflower or cabbage in the school’s garden, as well as the many other kid-friendly laboratory experiments that teach basic Biology and Chemistry.

The Arts is part of the daily experience for every Griffinwood student. Early on, our focus is on giving children the opportunity to participate in a variety of art modalities, while introducing them to particular artists and art forms – e.g. Picasso and Cubism, Monet and Impressionism– all to broaden horizons and inspire that creative frame of mind where innovation knows no bounds.

If your child is 4 years old, or if you feel they might be ready for an Early Entrance Kindergarten program, schedule a tour of our campus to see what we have to offer. If you have a specific question or would like more information, you can also call us at (714) 289-8400.

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