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When one thinks of grade requirements in school, what likely comes to mind are the textbooks a student is required to study or the tests they must pass.

At Griffinwood, in addition to texts and tests, our grade requirements are primarily proficiency-based.

After all, the purpose of reading a textbook is to increase knowledge. Passing a test should indicate a student can apply what they’ve studied. Therefore, all of our grade requirements reflect these underlying reasons for education.

For each grade level there’s a detailed list of the precise knowledge, skills and abilities a student must demonstrate in order to graduate into the next grade.

For example, by the end of 1st grade, here are some of the abilities a student can demonstrate in Math: basic addition and subtraction and work with fractions; skip-counting by 2s, 5s, 10s; recognizing and totaling the value of various monetary units; reading an analog clock; using a calendar to accurately determine days/dates; working with standard units of measurement for length, weight and volume; and more.

Whereas, by the end of 4th grade, these are some of the abilities a student demonstrates: multiplication and division of double-digits, working with decimals, basic geometry and Roman numerals. Beyond Math, they understand similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia; have excellent cursive and are writing short stories; they know the basics of Oceanography, Astronomy, Geology and Geography and can work with the fundamental properties of electricity and magnetism, and more.

Each time a student starts a new grade, we provide them with the full list of the requirements for that grade.

Once a student has gained the knowledge or ability to satisfy a certain requirement, the teacher verifies this and then the student checks it off of their list. In order to graduate, all requirements for the grade must be signed off by the student and teacher.

Every list of grade requirements is inclusive of all academics, plus the Arts and Computer Science.

If you tour the Griffinwood campus, you can look over the requirements for each grade, so you’ll know exactly what your child will study and how proficient they’ll become.

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