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Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed to flow seamlessly into 1st grade and on through Elementary School.

For example, take our Reading Program. By the end of Kindergarten and within the first few months of 1st grade, our students know how to recognize 69 of the 72 phonograms that comprise the English language.

Specifically, what this means is a 6-year-old can read and write all six of the different sounds associated with the letter Y – as in the y in “yellow”, the long i in “hyphen”, a short i in “gym”, the long e in “funny”, as well as the long a in “play” and oi in “soy”, not to mention the other 63 basic sounds of spoken English.

Broadly, this adds up to Griffinwood students becoming accomplished readers and writers and an early age. By the time our Kindergarteners reach the age of 2nd grade, it’s not uncommon that some have already excelled 1 or even 2 grade levels beyond their years, demonstrating a proficiency to read 3rd and 4th grade materials.

Because we educate on the basis of proficiency, rather than age, once a young student has demonstrated their knowledge and ability to do the work required of the Kindergarten level, they’re not made to wait until next Fall to start 1st grade materials.

We may have a student doing the Kindergarten Reading and Science programs while, at the same time, they’re studying 1st grade Math.

This is what we mean by Tailor Made Education Programs. We tailor education to students, not the other way around.


At Griffinwood, we maintain a student-teacher ratio that is typically one-half of what one finds in most schools. This is especially true in Kindergarten where our lessons require more hands-on instruction, sometimes even one-on-one.

In Kindergarten classrooms, our student-teacher ratio is 1 teacher for every 10 students, and in some instances we’ll operate at a ratio of 1 teacher for every 6 students.

The result is each Kindergartener receives lots of personal attention and help from their teacher to not only understand what they’re learning, but also why and how they’ll use this knowledge out in life.

Understanding and application are the components that form the strong educational foundation children need to succeed later in school and beyond.

Even at the Kindergarten level, we’re thinking towards your child’s future.

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