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Middle School

Strong Academics. Practical Education. Positive Environment.

This is Griffinwood’s commitment to seeing young people succeed in school and in life.

These three elements are also the woof and warp of every grade curriculum and particularly so in the Middle School.

In Math our 6th, 7th and 8th graders move through Pre-Algebra, study Statistics and begin working with proofs and theorems in Geometry.

The Reading Program for Middle School advances students up to comfortably reading adult-level literature, such as Dickens and Shakespeare.

How this works is each grade level includes a long list of books divided into four categories: Autobiography & Biography, History, Fiction and Non-Fiction. In addition to categories, books are sorted by similar levels of vocabulary, with increasing difficulty as one progresses in grade. In order to graduate into the next grade, a student must read a certain number of books in each category, including the most advanced books on the list, comfortably and with comprehension.

Writing goes hand-in-hand with the Reading Program. Students write 500 – 700 word short stories, book reports, research papers, as well as sample professional letters, proposals, even job applications and other everyday forms of writing.

World Studies is broad covering Ancient China, the Aztecs, European periods of feudalism, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, Ancient Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia as well as Medieval Africa in Ghana and Mali and more.

Science ranges from studies of Biology and Cytology to Geology and Chemistry, as well as one’s continuing education in Computer Science.

The Arts maintains its place as a cornerstone of a Griffinwood education. In addition to the literary masters one meets through the Reading Program, Middle School students study the works of the great composers, from Mozart and Beethoven to the Romantics Chopin and Schumann on through to Duke Ellington and George Gershwin. They know the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe and Winslow Homer and read the poetry of Whitman and Wordsworth. This education compliments students’ own instruction in the arts where they have the opportunity to create their own unique works.

By the end of the 8th grade, Griffinwood students are not merely prepared for high school and eventually higher education. Our students have already studied materials taught in some high schools

As part of touring our campus, we invite you look through the requirements for each grade level.

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