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Tailor-Made Academic Programs

Education for Individuals, not Classrooms

One of the obvious problems with old-school classroom settings, where children are taught en masse through chalkboard lectures or one-size-fits-all lesson plans, is that children are not one-size-fits-all.

In those classrooms, faster students may feel stifled or bored while the teacher tends to the so-called “slower” students. More often, those “slower” students who need just a bit more time and attention to help them understand, don’t get all of the help they need, and so fall behind, growing more and more confused as the school year progresses.

In either case, the result is the same – too many children developing a distaste for school.

This can then lead to children who “don’t pay attention” in class, slipping grades, behavioral problems or any of the other more common issues associated with early childhood education.

The solution is simple: classrooms with Tailor-Made Academic Programs where children are able to study at the pace that’s right for them.


At the Griffinwood Academy, we approach each student as an individual.

Upon enrollment, we conduct a thorough education assessment to identify where your child stands in their schooling, based on their level of knowledge and ability to apply the materials they should know for their age and grade level.

If a student has experienced difficulties in school or is behind in a certain subject, we don’t believe they’re “slow”, “challenged” or any other such label.

We consider they’ve been mis-educated.

How we go about remedying this is with a Tailor-Made Academic Program that quickly fills in any educational gaps or holes which may exist.

Then, going forward, we ensure students always understand everything they’re studying before they move onto to more advanced lessons.

We call this the A+ Passing Standard 


For students who may have felt held back elsewhere, at Griffinwood we encourage gifted students to excel. 

Because the last thing you want to do with a child who’s bright, intelligent and eager to learn, is to discourage them with unnecessary restraints or too slow a pace that won’t hold their interest.

We recognize every child is unique, with their own strengths and skills.

Therefore, we tailor education to the individual student, and not the other way around.

This doesn’t mean blanket “gifted” or “remedial” programs. Rather, if your child excels in Math, then they are advanced in Math. If they need to improve in Reading, their Reading program solves this. When a student increases their knowledge in a certain subject beyond their current grade level, they aren’t made to wait until next September. They’re allowed to move forward onto the next grade level for that subject.

What Tailor-Made Academic Programs means is we increase your child’s knowledge and abilities with the education they need, not what someone else’s child needs or according to some cookie-cutter standard.

At the Griffinwood Academy, your child’s education is theirs and for them, pure and simple.

If you’d like to discuss your child’s education, schedule a time to visit our campus or call to speak with one of our staff. We’ll be happy to have this conversation with you.

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