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The A+ Passing Standard

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Achieving good grades is important, particularly for college applications. At the same time, grades shouldn’t become an end-all or have the last word in education. That word belongs to understanding and students being able to apply what they’ve learned, not to As or Cs on a report card.

At the Griffinwood Academy, our primary objective is students fully understanding and using their education in school and in life.

This is why, if a student scores below an A+ or 100% on an assignment, we consider they’ve missed something. There was some fraction of that lesson they didn’t fully comprehend.

While some might just mark the test, forget about it and move on, that’s not how we do things at Griffinwood.

Because that method will leave “gaps” or “holes” in a child’s education that could potentially trip them up later in school or even out in life.

A 91% on an assignment means there’s 9% that student still doesn’t understand, has a question on or is confused about. A 84% indicates there’s another 16% this student can learn.

This is why we insist upon the A+ Passing Standard.


If an exam or assignment isn’t an A+ at 100%, then our teachers will help the student go back and find out what they didn’t fully understand to get this cleared up. Usually, we’ll find the student had an incomplete, or even a totally wrong idea about some basic term or concept. By getting these misconceptions resolved, so they have the correct idea, we ensure students learn everything they’re supposed to know – A+.

Maintaining the A+ Passing Standard is also how we teach children an important value that translates in the real world.

In professional life, adults well know it doesn’t work to learn a job only 85%. The same as it doesn’t fly to deliver a B product or C+ service to another person who’s expecting an A. If that happens, how professionals handle this is to correct what was missed and deliver the full 100%.

While we aren’t trying to teach students sound business practice, we are working to instill good study habits and inspire strong values that benefit children in life, now and into the future.

The A+ Passing Standard is one way we build strong educational foundations – no gaps, no holes –  to help put Griffinwood students in the best possible position to succeed long-term.

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