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The Arts

Developing Everyday Skills and Abilities

Many elementary and middle school students in California and across the country do not have access to art programs in school. Budget cuts, lack of funding and too narrow a focus on subjects measured by standardized tests, have contributed to classrooms lacking the basic supplies and faculty needed to sustain a viable art curriculum.

We support any efforts made by parents, teachers and community leaders to help make the arts a part of every child’s early education.

At the Griffinwood Academy, we are fortunate to offer a broad and diverse art program for every grade level.

Music, poetry, dance and the fine arts all play a central role in the overall Griffinwood philosophy and experience.

Our students receive daily instruction in the arts, and are also afforded with the materials and opportunities to create their own works of art. Throughout the year our school stages performances and exhibits to display students’ creative works.

The aim of our arts program is to introduce children to a wide variety of art forms. For example, in Music class, children might first learn a classic string-instrument like the violin, and later in the year they’ll be plucking on a ukulele. They’ll paint with egg tempera and then oils, write prose one week and a haiku the next. Eventually, children usually tend toward a particular branch of the arts that suits their interests and skill, and then we can concentrate their education in this area.

There’s no question, art is fun for children. Of course, they love it, and so do we.

For us, we also see the value in art education beyond recreation and extracurricular activity.

Imagination. Creativity. Initiative. Communication. Innovation.

We observe there is a direct relationship between art education, academic achievement and developing these abilities one uses to succeed in life.

At Griffinwood, the Arts isn’t “something extra”. Art is a pillar of our educational philosophy, another way we help children develop the abilities they need to succeed into the future.

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