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The Reading Program

Creating Readers Who “Want to” Not “Have to”.

If there’s one specialty that sets Griffinwood apart, it’s probably our Reading Program.

Our students become voracious readers and at a young age.

Case in point, we have Early Entrance Kindergarten students who we’ve taught to read as early as 4 years old.

By 2nd grade, one sees students in our classrooms who are reading two grade levels beyond their age, completing 100 or more readers (age-appropriate books) within a single school year.

This isn’t because students are necessarily required to read at this volume. Rather, it is testament to the fact when students are taught well and taught to enjoy a subject, they will excel.

Developing an early affinity and appreciation for books and reading is a primary objective in our Early Entrance Kindergarten program. Of course, the same holds true in our Kindergarten and Elementary School curricula.

As far as teaching your child how to read, we believe the earlier you start, the better.


There’s no secret to how we achieve results. Our program entails a simple and gradient curriculum of Phonics, coupled with hands-on instruction and of course, lots and lots of age-appropriate books and the opportunities to enjoy them.

The real key is ensuring children understand what they’re reading.

In other words, we don’t just teach kids “how to read”. We teach students how to understand what they’re reading. 

There’s a big difference!

One of the main reasons why young people develop a distaste for reading or “don’t like to read” is because they’ve been made to read past things they do not understand.

There are several ways this occurs, including misguided instruction.

Teaching children to “just sound out” words or only get the pronunciation correct, while ignoring whether or not they understand the meaning of those words, is a common mistake. Telling kids to “guess” or “figure out” the meaning of words they’re unsure of by looking at context is another offender. Having students “skip over” parts they don’t understand is the most blatant and, frankly, the worst advice one can tell a young reader and liable to result in a child who eventually “doesn’t like to read.”

Our Reading Program is well-designed to preserve a student’s understanding without interrupting their enthusiasm.

Whether Early Entrance Kindergarten or the 4th grade, our line-up of reading materials is organized in the correct gradient that steadily increases vocabulary and literacy, while simultaneously keeping and building children’s interest in reading and books.

The end result is curious minds who love to read, not “have to read”.

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