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Why Griffinwood?

It’s possible you’ve never seen or heard of a school like Griffinwood Academy.

The basic facts will be familiar to anyone – we’re a private school, located in central Orange County, serving students in Early Entrance Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School. We offer a strong academic curriculum, practical education and in a positive learning environment.

What’s more unique and new for some is our educational philosophy and approach.

We believe the primary focus of education should be students fully understanding and being able to use what they learn out in life.

We believe every student is different, so education should be tailored for individuals, rather than trying to fit whole classes into one-size-fits-all lesson plans.

We believe children are constantly being told what subjects to learn, but too few are taught how to learn any subject they choose – a vital ability for life, especially in this Information Age.

Our curriculum, our courses and educational tools – Tailor-Made Academic Programs, an A+ Passing Standard, Learning How to Learn, the strength of our academics as exemplified in the Reading Program, as well as our courses in Computer Science and The Arts, and more – everything is designed to see that students succeed in school and in life.

You can learn more about our educational philosophy and our curriculum through this website.

Of course, the best way to learn anything is to see it for yourself.

We offer private tours of the school by appointment, Monday – Friday, anytime between 9am – 4pm. You can schedule a tour of the school here, through this site or by calling us at (714) 289-8400.


Griffinwood Academy was originally established in 2009 as the Whitworth School, beginning with a small student body of Elementary school students. Through a solid academic program with a unique educational philosophy, over the next several years the school would grow to become one of the top-rated private schools in Orange County.

Industry leading resources for educators and parents, such as Private School Review and the national non-profit Great Schools rank Griffinwood Academy as a 5-star private school.

In Summer 2016, a new team of veteran educators and concerned parents assumed leadership of the school with a vision to expand its capacity and capability to serve even greater numbers of students. The mission was simple: provide the highest quality education available, one surpassing old-school conventions and befitting of the Information Age.

Within months, school facilities were renovated and expanded. Arts and Computer Science programs were outfitted with new equipment and resources. Top teachers were hired to create the ideal student-teacher ratio and new student enrollments promptly increased.

Today, Griffinwood Academy continues to grow with more and more parents looking to the school for solutions to help their children succeed in education and in life.

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