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Why Griffinwood?

Most parents would agree that the primary focus of education should be helping students to fully understand and be able to use what they learn out in the real world. Studying to pass a test or “parrot” back memorized information violates the true purpose of learning.

We know every student is unique, and it is up to a tutor or teacher to find the best way to communicate lessons and concepts to that particular student rather than present the same information in the same format to every child.

Children should be empowered to own their education, yet too few are taught how to learn – a vital ability for a successful life, especially in our fast-paced world. At Griffinwood, we use a breakthrough study method that has changed the face of education in over 1000 schools and centers in more than 68 countries.

We offer free introductory art classes so you and your child can get a feel for our center and make some new friends. We welcome tours by appointment Monday – Friday. You can schedule a tour by calling us at (714) 289-8400.


Griffinwood Academy was originally established in 2009 as The Whitworth School, beginning with a small group of elementary school students. Through a solid academic program with a unique educational philosophy, over the next several years the school grew to become one of the top-rated private schools in Orange County.

In Summer 2016, when the former director retired, a team of veteran educators and interested parents created a new vision for the nonprofit education facility.

Today, Griffinwood Learning Center welcomes homeschoolers and other students for tutoring one-on-one and in small group settings. Our morning session focuses on phonics, reading and writing (including penmanship), and math. During the afternoon session, science, history, geography, art and other subjects are offered on a revolving schedule, allowing parents to choose according to their child’s needs. We also hold classes in study and dictionary skills and life skills. For example, students can learn about their human rights as covered the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promoted by Eleanor Roosevelt and adopted by the United Nations after World War II.

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